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World Language Option for Students Entering 8th Grade for 2022-2023

In 8th grade, the Fred S. Engle Middle School offers a full year of high school-aligned world language in Spanish 1 or French 1.  For students who express an interest in either of these courses, the academic criteria is centered on each student’s Language Arts grade and Language Arts teacher’s recommendation.  Seventh grade students will complete a World Language/art cycle interest survey in Schoology, through their Language Arts class beginning April 25th.   The survey must be submitted by April 29th.  Students who elect to participate in a world language course will not participate in the exploratory art cycle classes (i.e. art, music, family and consumer science, computers, STEM and tech ed.), as art cycle and world language will be scheduled during the same time. 

World language is a full year commitment as it teaches the same content at the same pace as the first year of a world language offered at AGHS.  Students who successfully complete a world language course in eighth grade will be encouraged to enroll in the second level of the course in the ninth grade, making it possible to progress to the Advanced Placement (AP) level of this language by senior year.  Carnegie Units of credit (high school credit) are given for the eighth-grade course, meaning that this course counts toward fulfilling world language high school course requirements that are mandated by many colleges, as well as appearing on a student’s final academic transcript.

Students taking a world language course need to demonstrate effective study habits, maintain excellent attendance and be very conscientious about the completion of all assignments, as homework is assigned on a regular basis.  Tests and projects are also required to demonstrate learning throughout the courses.

Students who request admittance to a world language course and meet the entrance criteria will receive a confirmation letter in June.


Student Placement and Class Assignments for 2022-2023

The process of assigning students to classes is complex. This process is taken seriously by the staff and administration and involves a great deal of time and careful thought concerning the best interest of every child. Classrooms are heterogeneously grouped using many factors and criteria in order to create a balanced class. The criteria and factors include:

 Academic needs

 Learning styles

 Social dynamics

 Behavioral and/or emotional needs

 Personality characteristics

 Gender

We respectfully requests that parents honor the professional judgment of the staff and administration concerning student placement. Parents may share with the appropriate school administrator and counselors specific information which you feel we should be aware of during the assignment process. However, a final decision on all student assignments rests with the administration.  The FSEMS school counselors are Kristi Milburn, for students with last names A-K and Tim Parkinson, for students with last names L-Z.


Course Selection Process for 8th Grade entering AGHS for the 22-23 school year

We have begun the High School Course Selection Process.  The first step was to have our core academic course teachers make recommendations for courses.  These recommendations are now available in PowerSchool.  To view these recommendations, log into PowerSchool (not the mobile app) and select Class Registration on the left-hand toolbar.  Click on the pencil icon to the far right of each subject. You will see one of the courses in bold, with the teacher's name next to it.  This course is the teacher’s recommendation.  If you agree with the teacher recommendation, you don’t have to do anything.  Your student will be scheduled for that course.  If you disagree with the recommendation, contact the subject area teacher to discuss your concerns and next steps.

On Monday, March 7, students will be given their Course Selection Forms.  Students can research courses by reviewing the course descriptions in the 22-23 Curriculum Planning Guide, posted on both the High School and Middle School Guidance web pages.  They can also use the 9th Grade Electives Worksheet 22-23 for planning purposes.  The Course Selection Form is due by Friday, March 18 in morning homeroom.

On Monday, March 14, at 6:30 pm, the High School will host the AGHS Opportunities:Gr 8-11 Course Selection & So Much More event.  We encourage all of our students and parents to attend this event.  You should have received information about this night from the High School.

If you have any questions or concerns about the course selection process, please contact your student's middle school counselor.  

Thank you


School Counseling Department


School Counselor (Grade 8)

Mrs. Kristi Milburn


School Counselor (Grade 7)

Mr. Sami Phelps