AGMS Profile

Middle School Students Group Photo

Avon Grove Middle School (AGMS) serves approximately 1200 students in grades 6-8.  At the start of the 2023- 2024 school year, we will be moving into our new facility, in the renovated, former Avon Grove High School.   

We are committed to providing an environment that respects and honors young adolescents, is welcoming and inclusive for all, and cultivates a strong sense of community.

Our curriculum provides rich, relevant and contextualized opportunities for our students to build their content knowledge and develop inquiry-based learning habits.  Instruction fosters active engagement for our students.

Highlights of our AGMS Programming include:

  • An Advisory model where all students have an adult advocate in the school

  • Teaming where a cohort of students have the same team of teachers for all academic, content-area classes

  • Student choice in encore classes

  • Access to performance-based music ensembles within the school day

We recognize the critical importance of the home and school partnership. All parents receive our weekly electronic newsletter highlighting important events. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) works cooperatively with the administration to improve all aspects of our school, and PTO communication comes monthly after the AGMS Notes.