AGI Summer Reading


Illuminating Literacy Through Summer Reading 2023

for students entering AGI 

in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 

Dear Students and Families, 

Now that summer is upon us, we want to encourage all students to READ, READ, READ!  Our AGI Summer Reading Program aims to motivate students to develop good reading habits, explore new genres of literature, enjoy the books that they choose to read, and prevent “Summer Slide.”  Research shows us the wonderful benefits of reading 30 minutes daily, therefore, we challenge our AGI students to read as many books as possible over the summer. Happy reading!

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The purpose of Summer Reading is to:

  • encourage students to read and enjoy a new book.

  • develop students’ ability to choose books for themselves.

  • allow students the opportunity to explore topics of their own interest and genre.

  • sustain literacy skills over the summer to avoid “summer slide”.

  • foster a vibrant and diverse community of readers upon students’ return to school in the fall.

  • support our structured literacy-based program.

Students are encouraged to: 

  • read a balanced diet of books. Push yourself to read outside of your typical selections.

  • choose new books or revisit old favorites.

  • choose books that are not too easy or too hard 

We hope you will encourage your child to participate in Summer Reading and help them to avoid the "Summer Slide" because AGI Illuminates Literacy, even in the summer! Have a safe, healthy, relaxing summer! 

Importance of Summer Reading

Why is it important to read over the summer?

How to Beat the Summer Slide

Why Can't I Skip My Twenty Minutes of Reading Tonight?

Tips for Supporting Reading at Home

Tips for Supporting Reading Skills at Home


What Books Should My Child Read?

It is very important to provide students with choice in what they read. Please help your children find “just right” books to match their interests and reading abilities. This usually means that they can read most of the words and understand the ideas.

If they are interested in a book that is too difficult for them, that would be a wonderful book for you to read to them. If you would like book suggestions, you can find book lists in the section below. The book lists are meant to provide you with a place to start when choosing books for your child. The lists include books on a variety of topics, reading levels, and genres by different authors that should be easy to find at the local library or bookstore.


Book Recommendations: 


Avon Grove Library Summer Reading

Avon Grove Library invites you to participate in our 2023 Summer Reading Program, which includes reading, activities, programs, and prizes for all ages, from birth through adults.  This year's theme for summer reading is All Together Now, which focuses on community, kindness, and friendship.  


Chester County Library Summer Reading

Participate in a summer reading program through the Chester County Library 

Summer Quest & Patch Power 2023
The 2023 Summer Reading Program will begin in June. Participants will be able to participate in the 2023 Patch Power program and earn embroidered patches to hang on backpacks or sew onto clothes. At-home activities and programs for a total of 3 will earn each patch – it’s that easy! The new patches for 2023 will be announced in May. You’ll also be able to earn any of our patches from previous years to complete your collection. 


Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Program

FInd out more on the Barnes and Noble website!


Additional Reading Programs

Scholastic Summer Reading Program

Metropolitan Summer Reading Program – All Together Now 2023

Visit the Book Barn - A wonderful local resource for inexpensive books. Find out more on their website!