Keystone Exams


Dear Student and Parent or Guardian,

The Spring 2019/20 administration of the Keystone Exams has been rescheduled to support students in meeting the State Mandated Graduation Requirements.  Each Exam has been rescheduled so that the students in each course can be supported in classes or through external opportunities to do their best when they take each Exam. 

Below is a schedule of when each Keystone Exam will be rescheduled:

Exam Test Dates Make-up Dates
Biology   9/29/2020 & 9/30/2020 10/1/2020 & 10/2/2020
Literature  12/2/2020 & 12/3/2020 12/4/2020 - 12/11/2020
Algebra I 

 12/7/2020 & 12/8/2020 or

 12/6/2021 &12/7/2021

12/9/2020 - 12/11/2020 or

12/8/2021 - 12/14/2021

Students enrolled in the following courses during the 19/20 school year will take the rescheduled Spring Keystone Exam(s):

·         English 2, English 10, College Prep English 10, Honors English 10

·         Math 3, Algebra 1 B, College Prep Algebra I

·         Biology, College Prep Biology, Honors Biology

How students will be supported to prepare for each Exam:

Biology:  All Biology students will have access to lessons in Schoology and Study Island and an opportunity to meet with their teachers throughout the entire summer.  Watch an awesome video explanation from the Biology teachers to help with next steps.  Read these helpful directions after watching the video.

Literature: Students will be supported in their 11th grade English classes to prepare for the 10th grade Literature Keystone Exams in the Winter of 2020.

Algebra I:  Students will be rescheduled to take the Algebra I Keystone Exam during the Winter of the year they have Algebra II.  The first semester of Algebra II provides many opportunities to review the concepts learned in Algebra I.

For more information concerning the delayed Keystone Exams, please see Department of Education Keystone Exams.

If you have any questions or concerns about the rescheduled Spring Keystone Exams or exam schedule, please contact the Avon Grove High School Main Office.


Angela D. Houghton
Assistant Principal
Avon Grove High School