High School Student Law Day Essay Contest

For students Grades 9 - 12
Deadline Monday, 4/3/23

Write an essay on the topic:  Civics/Civility/Collaboration in defending our constitutional rights.

With the above theme in mind, you are being invited to write an essay on any one of the following:
1. Right to Bear Arms
2. Reproductive Rights
3. Affirmative Action

1st Place - $150
2nd Place - $100
3rd Place - $75

DVASBO Scholarship

Who is eligible?


Any high school senior who attends a participating DVASBO entity and is scheduled to graduate in 2023 is eligible to participate.  Additionally, an applicant must:

·         Be a dependent of a parent/guardian directly employed or subcontracted by a DVASBO Member School District


·         Be a dependent of a parent/guardian directly employed by a DVASBO Member Business Affiliate

·         Plans on attending a postsecondary school in the Fall 2023

·         Express an interest in Accounting, Business, or related field

·         Be a student in good academic standing


Please share this with your school principals, counselors, and staff members as soon as possible.  The application deadline is April 15, 2023




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