Avon Grove Scholarship Foundation

General Information:

The Avon Grove Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1984 as a non-profit, charitable organization to raise money toward a trust fund from which income will be distributed annually for scholarships to Avon Grove High School seniors.

  • A Board of Directors consisting of volunteers from the community runs the Foundation.  The Foundation is incorporated, is audited yearly, and files yearly returns with the IRS and the State of Pennsylvania.
  • The Finance Committee is responsible for seeing that the fund earns the greatest possible return.  They report quarterly to the other members of the Board.
  • The Foundation awards $1000 scholarships each year. The money comes from the annual earnings, which determines the number of scholarships awarded each year.  The first scholarships were awarded in 1985 and as of 2017, $711,000 in “Fund a Future” scholarships have been awarded. 
  • The Elizabeth B. Faris Memorial Scholarships are also given through the Foundation.  These scholarships are sometimes more substantial than the "Fund a Future" scholarships and are awarded based on specific criteria at the benefactor's bequest. As of 2017, $577,500 has been awarded through the Elizabeth B. Faris Memorial.
  • Scholarships are awarded in the following areas: Business, Communications and the Arts, Education, Professional Services, Science, Two years or less of post secondary education, and Undeclared.
  • A scholarship is given to the top female and male student and at least one scholarship in each area of study.  Named scholarships are awarded based on the criteria specified by the benefactor.  Additional scholarships are awarded proportionately to the number of applicants in each area.  With increased support and, therefore, revenue, the Board would hope to give additional scholarships in the future.
  • The Guidance Department is responsible for selecting the recipients based on a process and criteria established by the Board of Directors of the Avon Grove Scholarship Foundation.
  • The students are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and financial need.  The emphasis is on financial need.

How can you help?

The annual earnings determine the number of scholarships awarded each year.  We will be able to maintain or increase the number of annual scholarships by increasing the principle.  By supporting the Scholarship Foundation in any of the following ways, you can help “Fund a Future”:

  • Gifts of cash, securities, land, bequests, or life insurance policies are gladly accepted.
  • A gift of $35,000 enables the contributor to name a yearly scholarship.
  • A gift of $18,000 enables the contributor to name a scholarship to be given every other year.
Donations of any size are welcome.

Contributions can be mailed to:
Avon Grove Scholarship Foundation
PO Box 266
West Grove, PA 19390

Additional Information:

Jason Roper, President

Board of Directors

Jason Roper, President

Julie Di Vittorio, Vice President

Ian Burns, Treasurer

Christine Plankinton, Secretary

Cheryl Doyle

Christine Grove

Cary Lambert

Carol Maguire

Phil Pyle

Ruder Schill

Jackie Traino

Scott DeShong, Principal AGHS

Todd Buonocore, Consultant

Steve Michaels, Consultant