The Avon Grove Virtual Academy is the online library of courses available for Avon Grove Students who are in need of remediation options or want to supplement their learning toward graduation requirements.

For those students who have either failed a course or earned a grade below what they want to appear on a college transcript, AGVA courses can serve as a remediation option and can be taken for recovery credit to appear directly on a student’s high school transcript. To earn remediation credit, a student will need to select a course that meets for approximately 60 hours and is equivalent to the course already attempted.


For students who want to expand their educational options and learning to include courses that are not currently available to them due to scheduling conflicts or are not in the AGHS Curriculum Planning Guide, AGVA courses can be used to accumulate original credits toward graduation requirements. Courses that are taken in one of the core academic areas may be approved by the Department Chair for original credit to be applied to core graduation requirements or be applied to the elective requirements for graduation. To earn credit in a semester course (.5 credit), approximately 60 hours of seat time is required. To earn credit in a full year course (1.0 credit), approximately 120 hours of seat time is required.

To best understand the options available and how they will affect your graduation planning, please see your counselor for more information, pricing structure, and application materials.


To examine the options available to students through AGVA, please visit Brandywine Virtual Academy to see the course catalog as well as start and end dates for courses.