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Dear Parents/Guardians of the AGHS Class of 2020:

The Avon Grove High School Guidance Department coordinates the Senior Awards Night that is held annually at Avon Grove High School.  In order for students to be considered for the various scholarships and awards given out at this event, they must complete the 2019-2020 Avon Grove High School Scholarship and Award Application. This application can be completed via a paper application (will be given to your student in homeroom on March 9) or online anytime on or after March 9 via this link: https://forms.gle/VoPQSk1EymYdCuz69.  If they are unable to attend the homeroom on March 9 they can pick up their paper application in the Guidance Office any time after March 9.

Estimados padres y tutores de la clase del 2020:

El evento anual de la noche de premios de los estudiantes seniors es coordinado por el departamento de consejería de la preparatoria de Avon Grove. La aplicación 2019-2020 Avon Grove High School Scholarship and Award Application deberá estar completada para que su estudiante sea considerado para las becas y los premios en este evento. Los estudiantes recibieron una copia de la aplicación durante el primer periodo el 9 de marzo.

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The AGHS School Counseling Department is looking forward to meeting with our 11th grade students to discuss their post-secondary plans. This year, we are again offering parents/guardians the opportunity to attend these appointments.

These 45 minute meetings are designed to provide you and your student time to meet with your counselor to ask questions and review options. If you are unable to attend, please be assured that we will still meet with your student this year.
Junior Meetings will occur Monday, February 10th through Friday, April 17th.  Please use this link to schedule your appointment.

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