PLE Summer Reading

Illuminating Literacy Through Summer Reading 2024

Dear Students and Families,

We encourage you to join our summer reading program! It is very important to continue reading during the summer months so that you can continue to grow as a reader.

Students may read alone, read with someone, or listen to a story. In addition to reading, students may also choose to write in a journal. The goal is to keep them engaged with books over the summer months.

Below are links to calendars for each month of the summer to record your reading as well as booklists if you need some suggestions.


Happy Summer Reading!

Summer Reading Letter

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What books should my child read?

We feel that it is very important to provide students with choice in what they read. Please help your children find “just right” books to match their interests and reading abilities. This usually means that they can read most of the words and understand the ideas.

If they are interested in a book that is too difficult for them, that would be a wonderful book for you to read to them. If you would like book suggestions, you can find booklists in the section below. The book lists are meant to provide you with a place to start when choosing books for your child. The lists include books on a variety of topics, reading levels, and genres by different authors that should be easy to find at the local library or bookstore.. 

Avon Grove Library Summer Reading

Avon Grove Library invites you to participate in our Summer Reading Program, which includes reading, activities, programs, and prizes for all ages, from birth through adults.  This year's theme for summer reading is All Together Now, which focuses on community, kindness, and friendship.  

Chester County Library Summer Reading

Participate in a summer reading program through the Chester County Library.

Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Program

Find out more on the Barnes and Noble website!

Additional Reading Programs


Scholastic Summer Reading Program

Metropolitan Summer Reading Program

Visit the Book Barn - A wonderful local resource for inexpensive books. Find out more on their website!