PLE Profile

Penn London Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through first grade. The building boasts two floors containing first grade classrooms and a kindergarten hall and center rooms. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive projector system, access to mobile computer labs, as well as access to a computer classroom lab giving students added technology resources. Our media center offers multiple resources for student research both with print materials and additional technology stations. Our core curriculum materials and instructional models provide differentiated opportunities that address the multiple learning styles of our students and provide the required instruction in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Special area classes include Art, Computers, Health, Music, and Physical Education. All student specials are forty minutes daily. Library Book Exchange is integrated into the Language Arts Block.


The curriculum at Penn London Elementary School provides a literacy rich environment that meets the diverse needs of all students. Our goal is for each student to become a lifelong reader and writer. We also provide a learning environment that encourages students to take risks and develop their own mathematics concepts through high quality instruction encouraging mathematically literate thinkers and communicators. Additionally, students experience Science, Social Studies, Art, Computers, Guidance, Health, Music, Physical Education, and Library Book Exchange.