Fundations Resources During Extended Closure

1. Reviewing Unit 2 and 3

Students in Kindergarten have recently completed Unit 3 of Fundations (our resource for teaching phonics). Students can practice reading words from Unit 2 and 3.

Unit 2 and 3 words to practice 


2. Unit 4 Instructional videos and resources (students just started this unit)

Unit 4 words to practice 


Video: What are digraphs? 

Video: digraph sounds   

Chart students can use to practice

Video: More practice with digraphs

Reading Fluently Video: Using phrasing and expression to read fluently
Using c, k, or ck Coming soon
Short and long vowels         Coming soon


2. Practicing letter/keyword/sound
Fundations cards   (downloadable resource for practice)


3. Practicing trick words

Students are also learning how to read trick words (irregular words: words that can not be sounded out easily). Here is list of words that can be put on flashcards and practiced at home.

List of trick words for Kindergarten

Ideas for trick word practice


4. Handwriting paper

If students want to practice writing the words from the units, we have a variety of lined paper that students are accustomed to using. 

Downloadable handwriting paper (larger lines are better for Kindergarten and 1st grade students)