First Grade

Fundations Resources During Extended Closure

1. Students in First Grade have just finished Unit 9 of Fundations (our resource for teaching phonics). Students who receive reading support (Tier 2 or Tier 3 through MTSS) are currently working in Units 7 or 8 so practicing words from those units is ideal.

Unit 7 Words          Unit 7 Sentences

Unit 8 Words         Unit 8 Sentences

Unit 9 Words        Unit 9 Sentences 

New learning for students:

Unit 10 Words       Unit 10 Sentences


2. Students are also learning how to read trick words (irregular words). Here is list of words that can be put on flashcards and practiced at home. Once students can read a trick word, they can practice spelling it.

List of trick words for 1st grade 


3. If students want to practice writing the words from the units, we have a variety of lined paper that students are accustomed to using. 

Downloadable handwriting paper (larger lines are better for Kindergarten and 1st grade students)


Resources for the Entire 1st Grade Year


Trick Words (sight words that students need to read and spell)