Morning Meeting & Number Corners

Students will begin the day greeting one another and building their classroom community. Morning meeting provides time for students to foster relationships, social skills, and practice routines.

After morning meeting, kindergartners will transition to number corners. This time for skill introduction and review is a part of our math program. During number corners, discussion, discovery, and pattern recognition are essential math components for our budding scholars.

ELA & What I Need

This is a biggest block of the day that is loaded with varying reading, writing, and spelling activities. Students will:

  • read and be read to
  • learn letters, sounds, and words
  • build handwriting skills
  • engage is multi-sensory activities
  • receive differentiated instruction to target student specific needs

Math & Writers Workshop

After lunch and recess, it's important to have students moving and exploring. For math, students will build upon skills from number corners and will engage in activities from the math program.

Writers' Workshop provides time for students to connect reading and writing and develop their skills as authors.

Social Studies & Science

For social studies and science, teachers will rotate time for these two subjects. For social studies, students will learn about being a part of a community. Science will focus on the environment, seasons and weather, and living and non-living things.


Encore (physical education, music, art, technology, guidance) supports core instruction through related arts and enrichment.

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