Penn London Elementary School

Important Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, April 23rd  - Cosmos Special Day Assemblies

Thursday, April 25th - Take Your Child to Work Day

Please review the following attendance information from the elementary student handbook:

Take Your Child to Work Day is typically held each spring on an annual basis. If you choose to have your child participate in this activity, please be aware of the following policies:

  • If a student is on mandatory doctor excuse status prior to Take Your Child to Work Day, then this day will not be an excused absence.

  • If a student brings a written note requesting prior approval for absence on this day because he or she will be going to spend the day with a parent in the workplace, the day will be counted as a regular school day and not as an absence.

  • If a student takes part in Take Your Child to Work Day, but does not bring in a note until after the date of the event, the student will be marked as having a parent excused and/or unexcused absence on that day based on the current number of absences.

PLES Kindergarten Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year

Students must be 5 years old by September 1, 2024 to attend Kindergarten

Parents and caregivers of incoming Kindergarten students were invited to attend an information session, which included an overview of the PLES Kindergarten program,  an optional tour of the school, and information for our Language Immersion Program.

A recording of the live stream event is available on PLES AGTV.  

2024-2025 Kindergarten Registration Opened on  February 8, 2024. Please check the below links for further information:

Kindergarten Registration Flyer – English

Folleto de inscripción al jardín de infantes

Kindergarten Webpage

First page of the PDF file: PLE_AGIStaffApprecFlyerMaster2024


The following information is from the 2023/2024 Elementary Student Handbook – Page 8 – School Messenger section:

“The Avon Grove School District uses a web-based parent phone contact system (PPCS). This system enables administrators to contact parents by phone, email, or text message to share important District wide reminders and new updates, as well as school-specific information. The school district also uses the PPCS calling/messaging feature to announce weather-related school closings, delayed opening, and early dismissals. Such announcements will still be communicated through radio and television stations and on the District’s webpage. One call per family will be made to the first number listed in PowerSchool contacts or Districtwide events reminders and similar routine notifications. For emergencies and weather-related announcements, district officials may use the system to contact multiple phone numbers per household including home numbers and parents’ cellphones. The system is able to make rapid notifications.”

Interested in opting in for School Messenger? Please scroll to the School Messenger Section for directions on the Avon Grove Parents page:

Drop Off/Pick up:

 If you are choosing to drive your student to school, be patient with the amount of traffic on campus and follow the directions of those on traffic duty. Have a sign in your car window with your student’s full name and grade.


Families that have students attending both AGIS and PLES should drop off AGIS students first by entering the campus via Route 896. You will then have to leave the campus, turn right, and enter the PLES side at the entrance by Quimby Road. You will then turn left onto the PLES side of campus and snake through the front parking lot and proceed to the front of the building. Please pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk near the District Office and have students ready to exit the car. Students should be seated on the passenger side and may exit the car on their own. Drivers, please remain in your car while dropping off and picking up and stay in the line of traffic. For everyone’s safety, please do not pull around other cars in the carline. All traffic leaving PLE must turn right onto Route 796.

  • Drop Off begins at 8:20am daily. Students are expected to be in classrooms by 8:35am.

  • Pick Up begins at 3:20pm daily. Students are expected to be picked up by 3:40pm.

Student Fee Payments
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Visit our Student Fee Information page for information or visit ACI Payments, Inc. to pay student fees online.



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