New Avon Grove High School - Architect Rendering

Comprehensive Facilities Plan
The District is committed to keeping stakeholders informed as key milestones are achieved for this important strategic initiative.

To view more architectural renderings of the new Avon Grove High School, open the Photo Gallery under the New Avon Grove High School Construction Project heading below.

Summer 2019 Facilities Newsletter

Interactive Tax Calculator

Updated for the 2019-2020 school year. To determine how your taxes will be impacted by the proposed facilities borrowing levels, download our Interactive Tax Calculator. Enter data from your 2019-2020 tax bill into the yellow cells on the spreadsheet to obtain customized information. Your tax impact is based on the current assessed value of your property. Microsoft Excel is required to download the Interactive Tax Calculator and to manipulate the fields. This function may not work on all devices.

Facilities Timeline Infographic 

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Comprehensive Facilities Plan Strategic Initiative

New Avon Grove High School Construction Project

High School to Middle School Conversion Project