High School Bell Schedule

Strategic Intent

What are we trying to accomplish?

The Avon Grove School District Strategic Plan has identified changing the high school bell schedule to promote and expand integrated and enriched learning opportunities as a priority for analysis and change so that Avon Grove students can be successful in the 21st Century. To do this, a team of administrators, teachers and students have engaged in the study and analysis of the existing schedule and have made recommendations for change.

Why is accomplishing this important to achieving the mission of the district?

The existing AGHS schedule has been in place for more than 20 years. In that time, the school population has expanded tremendously, along with the variety of options for courses and expectations for learning. The allocation of minutes within the school day, however, has changed little, with students and teachers having to meet the current expectations for learning in classes that only contain 44 minutes per instructional period.

Maximizing instructional time and learning opportunities has a direct influence on the likelihood that students are prepared to lead full and meaningful lives upon graduation. The opportunity for project-based learning, collaboration with other students (locally and beyond), and application of learning in real-world situations are best practices associated with student learning and expectations in the post-secondary worlds of education and the workforce, and require time for students and teachers to engage in these practices. Better use of the minutes available within the current instructional day by minimizing downtime or transitions, as well as lengthening the instructional periods within the day, will provide students and teachers the structures necessary to engage in these practices at a greater depth than is currently possible.

AGHS Strategic Intent Document

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