Communications and Community Engagement

Strategic Intent

What are we trying to accomplish?

The overall intent of the Communications and Community Engagement strategy is to develop and implement a systematic, comprehensive, and cohesive communication and community outreach plan. The intent is to increase proactive communication from the district both internally and externally to ensure that stakeholders are informed and have opportunity to be actively engaged in the district. At the same time, it is essential that opportunities are available to gather feedback and input from the various stakeholders in the District critical to its overall success. By doing so, the district will establish and maintain a climate of openness, honesty and accessibility to schools allowing the community to understand how the district operates and how the system educates the citizens of the future.

Why is accomplishing this important to achieving the mission of the district?

The overall intent of the Communications and Community Engagement strategy is essential to the district accomplishing its mission and vision because of the critical role communication plays in the day-to-day operation of the district. During the district strategic planning process, communications and community outreach were identified as critical areas in need of further development and improvement. Parents, staff, community members and students all expressed a strong desire for better communications on all levels. Several themes emerged during the Actions Co-lab including the need for increased and proactive communication from the district, as well as more consistent communication from the building level/individual schools to home about academics, school events, procedural issues, and after-school activities. Parents and community are seeking more ways to be involved with the district, and many want the School Board to more effectively communicate so the community can feel informed and invested in the district and in the decision-making process. The need for more positive publicity in newspapers and on the district’s website was expressed as a means to build and maintain support for the Avon Grove Schools. During the Actions Co-lab it was clear that the English Language Learner families in the district (primarily Spanish speaking) are in great need of more outreach and assistance to overcome language and cultural barriers in order to reach an improved level of involvement.

Strategic Intent and Implementation Framework