Strategic Plan


The Avon Grove School District developed a Strategic Plan during the 2014-2015 school year. The development of the Strategic Plan utilized a comprehensive and unique approach that involved various stakeholders in the district.As a result of process, the required Comprehensive Plan was submitted and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in June of 2015. The Influence Maps (Visioning, Barriers, Actions) generated during the strategic planning process provide the mission and vision for the district for the future as well as specific high leverage strategies for action for accomplishing the vision.

AGSD Mission

The purpose of the Avon Grove School District is to foster a learning environment for all students to be exceptionally well-prepared to succeed and lead full and meaningful lives.

AGSD Vision

All Avon Grove students are well prepared to create their futures.

Strategic Initiatives

Full Day Kindergarten

The Avon Grove School District will develop and implement a full day kindergarten program for all students in the district to provide a strong foundation in academic, social and emotional skills so that our students are exceptionally well prepared to succeed. By implementing a full day kindergarten program, we will increase learning opportunities for all incoming kindergarten students with the intent to attract students to AGSD by offering a high quality full day program.

High School Bell Schedule

The goal of the AGHS schedule is to increase learning opportunities for all students through lengthened instructional periods that allow for deeper learning in a project-based environment, increased flexibility for student scheduling and learning options, minimized interruptions and downtime for students, and maximum efficiency of resources (human, facility and budgetary) available to AGHS for both the short and long term. Students will have the opportunity to take part in intervention periods that address specific learning needs in a differentiated format, as well as enrichment options to explore interests and goals while not interrupting or diminishing core instructional time.

Communications & Community Engagement

The overall intent of the Communications and Community Engagement strategy is to develop and implement a systematic, comprehensive, and cohesive communication and community outreach plan. The intent is to increase proactive communication from the district both internally and externally to ensure that stakeholders are informed and have opportunity to be actively engaged in the district. At the same time, it is essential that opportunities are available to gather feedback and input from the various stakeholders in the District critical to its overall success. By doing so, the district will establish and maintain a climate of openness, honesty and accessibility to schools allowing the community to understand how the district operates and how the system educates the citizens of the future.

Facilities Planning

The overall intent of the Facilities Strategic Initiative is to evaluate the current building infrastructure and develop a plan for the future aligned with the mission and vision of the Avon Grove School District. The plan shall include best uses for the existing facilities and sites to meet the needs of students, based on the strategic plan, the educational programs and enrollment projections. In addition, the plan shall include renovation and maintenance needs for the current buildings as well as the potential for future expansion of district facilities based upon the educational goals of the district.

Committee of the Whole

The Committee of the Whole meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday. The Committee of the Whole is a representative body of the entire board. The purpose of the Committee of the Whole is to focus on specific strategic initiatives outlined in the District’s Strategic Plan.

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