Strategic Plan


The Avon Grove School District developed a Strategic Plan during the 2014-2015 school year. The development of the Strategic Plan utilized a comprehensive and unique approach that involved various stakeholders in the district.As a result of process, the required Comprehensive Plan was submitted and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in June of 2015. The Influence Maps (Visioning, Barriers, Actions) generated during the strategic planning process provide the mission and vision for the district for the future as well as specific high leverage strategies for action for accomplishing the vision.


The purpose of the Avon Grove School District is to foster a learning environment for all students to be exceptionally well-prepared to succeed and lead full and meaningful lives.


All Avon Grove students are well prepared to create their futures.


Current Strategic Initiatives

2019-2020 Comprehensive Literacy Plan 
AGSD is committed to ensuring that all students achieve the highest levels of literacy performance. In order to accomplish this goal, AGSD embarked upon developing a comprehensive literacy plan during the 2018-2019 school year. The plan is modeled after the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s “Pennsylvania State Literacy Plan” (PaSLP) and embodies a theme of “Illuminating Literacy.” View our Comprehensive Literacy Plan - Illuminating Literacy.

2019-2022 Comprehensive Plan
For a consolidated look at Avon Grove School District's (AGSD) 2019-2022 Comprehensive Plan, view our 2019-2022 Comprehensive Plan highlights document.  

2018 Athletic and Co-curricular Strategic Plan
AGSD and the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) created a new mission, vision and shared values for the District's co-curricular and extracurricular programs, and compiled this data into the 2018 Co-curricular and Extracurricular Strategic Plan document. The plan will be implemented throughout the District over a three year period, from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021.

Facilities Plan
The overall intent of the Facilities Strategic Initiative is to evaluate the current building infrastructure and develop a plan for the future aligned with the mission and vision of the Avon Grove School District. The plan includes best uses for the existing facilities and sites to meet the needs of students, based on the strategic plan, the educational programs and enrollment projections. In addition, the plan includes renovation and maintenance needs for the current buildings as well as the potential for future expansion of facilities based upon the educational goals of the district. For more information, visit our Facilities page. 

Completed Strategic Initiatives

High School Bell Schedule
Lengthened instructional periods have provided students with a deeper learning in a project-based environment, increased flexibility for scheduling and learning options, minimized interruptions and downtime and maximized the efficiency of resources.

Full Day Kindergarten
The full-day kindergarten program creates a strong foundation in academic, social and emotional skills to ensure our youngest learners are exceptionally well prepared to succeed.

Communications & Community Engagement
Through this initiative, the District has increased proactive communication to ensure that stakeholders are informed and have the opportunity to be actively engaged in the district.