Public Comment Procedure

February 5, 2018

Beginning with the Avon Grove School District February committee and legislative meetings, any member of the public wishing to make comment is asked to complete a public comment form. The public comment forms will be located on a back table in the meeting space. Forms are also available prior to public meetings through Board Docs. The Board of School Directors requests that members of the public complete the public comment form and submit it to Dr. Wendi Clark, Board Secretary, or designee prior to the start of the meeting. During the public comment periods, the presiding officer will call individuals to the podium in the order the forms were submitted.

If a member of the public did not complete and submit a form prior to the start of the meeting and wishes to make a comment, they may still participate in public comment. To do so, the Board asks that the member of the public complete the public comment form. After the presiding officer calls all pre-submitted forms to the podium, a final call for public comment will be made. During this time, members of the public may come forward to make comment. All members of the public who wish to participate in public comment must submit the public comment form to the Board Secretary prior to making their comment and approaching the podium.

All rules outlined in policy #903 will still apply. The Board will adhere to the 3-minute rule. The public comment period will not exceed 30 minutes. Generally speaking, the Board will not respond during the public comment period. In cases where specific questions are asked, the Board will either direct the Superintendent or have the Superintendent’s designee follow-up with the citizen to provide a response on behalf of the Board.