Board of Directors

Board of School Directors

The Avon Grove School Board is comprised of nine voting elected officials and a non-voting 10th member (Superintendent). The nine elected officials represent three regions which serve seven municipalities and townships. The board meets both as a full board and in sub-committee formats. The full board meets once a month on the fourth Thursday for the regular business meeting; the first Tuesday of the month are committee meetings; the second Tuesday of the month the Committee of the Whole meets...More



Residents of Franklin Township and London Britain Township comprise Region I. Region II is comprised of Penn Township, New London Township, and Voting District #1 of West Grove Borough. London Grove Township, Avondale Borough, and Voting District #2 of West Grove Borough comprise Region III.

Individual Board member emails are available by region. If you would like to email the entire AGSD School Board of Directors, click here.

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School Board Committees

There are five sub committees of the Board, each with a specialized focus on governance related to the district’s operations...More



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