Schoology for Parents

What is Schoology?

Schoology is an online learning platform where the teacher, student, curriculum and instructional materials intersect to facilitate at-school and at home learning.  


How do I access Schoology for the first time?

Schoology accounts are created and connected to students automatically, just like for Powerschool.  Have your email ready and follow the directions outlined in the video below.  

How to log in and use Schoology (skoo-luh-jee)

Using the App 

Android Mobile App Resources

Android Mobile App Parent Demo

iOS Mobile App


Understanding Parent Accounts

Parent accounts are automatically associated with the same school as their child. However, if a parent has children at multiple schools within an organization–for example, a child at a high school and a child at a middle school–the parent account is automatically associated with the school as the first child with which their account was associated.

For example, parents will be connected to the school of their oldest child in Schoology. They may still associate themselves with the buildings of their other students, but the parent accounts remain associated with their oldest child's school as the primary school within the organization.

If parents have children at schools in different organizations–that is, their children's accounts are not all under the same Organization Enterprise account in Schoology–they must create two separate Parent accounts and link them together. Click here for additional information on linking parent accounts .


Other Topics:

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Adding Students to Parent Accounts

Parents no longer add students to their accounts.  Students, as they are enrolled, are connected to their parents by the system.  If you are missing a child on your Schoology account, please email or contact your the main office of your child's school.