Schoology for Parents

How to log in and use Schoology (skoo-luh-jee)

Using the App to Receive Notifications

Understanding Parent Accounts

Parent accounts are automatically associated with the same school as their child. However, if a parent has children at multiple schools within an organization–for example, a child at a high school and a child at a middle school–the parent account is automatically associated with the school as the first child with which their account was associated.

For example, parents who sign up for Schoology using the Parent Access Code for their child in middle school are automatically associated with the middle school. They may still associate themselves with their high schooler's account from the Add Child option in the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner, but the parent accounts remain associated with the middle school as their primary school within the organization.

If parents have children at schools in different organizations–that is, their children's accounts are not all under the same Organization Enterprise account in Schoology–they must create two separate Parent accounts and link them together. Click here for additional information on linking parent accounts .

Adding Students to your Account

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