Technology Division

The sole objective of the technology division is to provide superior service in support of teaching and learning. The tech division contains two teams: Educational Technology (EdTech) and Information Technology (IT).

The EdTech division is responsible for curriculum and instruction, professional development, program development and evaluation, student data and databases (PIMS), AGtv, the 1:1 Technology Initiative and Makerspaces. The members of the Instructional Technology team are:

Wendy Filla, Information Specialist - District
Clint Jones, AGHS Tech Ed Lead - AGtv
Karen Norris, Instructional Technology Coach

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The IT division is responsible for security, network, wireless, systems, servers, software and all end-user devices and architectural hardware. The members of the IT team are:

Vincent Begatto, PLES Tech Specialist
Sydney Dixon, AGIS Tech Specialist
Sue Herbert, FSEMS Tech Specialist
Kat Lawyer, Systems Administrator - District
Killian Nelson, AGHS Tech Specialist
Jordan Pierce, AGHS Tech Specialist
Erin Scriber, AGIS Tech Specialist
Mike Tustin, Network Specialist - District

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While not a complete listing, the above provides a framework to gain assistance and understanding of the Technology Division. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Jason Kotch, Ed.D.
Director of Technology
610.869.2441 x50030