Multi-Tiered System of Supports

The Avon Grove School District believes in providing the highest quality education for every student. To meet this goal, the district implements a three-tiered approach to instruction known as Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). The classroom curriculum and instruction is referred to as Tier 1. Each school provides all students in Tier 1 with access to high quality curriculum, instruction and behavior supports in the general education classroom. In addition, classroom teachers use different strategies to address individual student needs.

Students who are not progressing at a rate that ensures mastery of the curriculum standards and mastery on assessments in Tier 1 will be provided interventions matched to their needs. The type and degree of each intervention will vary to the extent necessary for the student to obtain mastery. These interventions are provided in addition to the instruction students receive in their classroom, and take place in small groups several times each week. Students will continue to participate in the classroom Tier 1 curriculum even if they need the support of Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions. Students needing supplemental instruction/intervention will be monitored frequently to ensure they meet grade level expectations. The MTSS Data Team meets regularly to review student performance and may make adjustments in the intervention plan by increasing the frequency, time or intensity of the intervention based on an individual student’s progress.

In the Avon Grove School District, checkpoint and benchmark assessments are used throughout the school year to provide additional data on each student’s progress. Students needing intervention will be monitored regularly using appropriate assessment tools. Data from these tools and a variety of other sources will help the MTSS Data Team make informed decisions concerning changes in interventions and provide students with the best instruction. Information from assessments will guide instruction as well as keep parents informed of how their child is progressing.

The Avon Grove School District recognizes that all students learn differently, and we are committed to helping all students succeed. Therefore, your support in implementing this three-tiered approach to meet the academic and behavior needs of each child in our school is essential. For detailed information on the MTSS process, please refer to the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PATTAN) website.

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