Professional Development


With a mission to foster a learning environment for all students to be exceptionally well prepared to succeed and lead full and meaningful lives, professional development is integral. Priorities are outlined to achieve the goal of increasing learning opportunities for our students. Currently, district priorities center on the following:

Teaching and Learning

Technology Integration

Inclusion/Student Services

Shift the cognitive load from teacher as a model to joint responsibility of teacher and learner, to independent practice and application by the student.

Ensure that students and teachers have necessary and innovative tools and devices to increase teaching and learning.

Increase learning opportunities for all students in the most inclusive environment. For example, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) provides an umbrella of support for prevention, intervention, and differentiation.

Professional learning opportunities for AGSD teachers occur throughout the year at the building and district level. All professional learning is directly related to the goal areas above and occurs in one of three formats: face-to-face, online, and blended.

To facilitate the online learning of AGSD teachers, a library of courses has been created in Schoology to allow coursework to occur in three different terms throughout the year, with the hours earned counting toward any Flexible Professional Development time built into the District Calendar.