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The Manager of Safety and Security works with staff members across the District to provide the safest environment possible for all students, staff and visitors in our buildings. This is accomplished through continual training, planning and striving to align security procedures with the most current standards. While our schools are equipped with security technology including controlled access and surveillance cameras, it is important for our staff, students and families to be aware of our current safety and security procedures.

Avon Grove School District (AGSD) values the input of our community stakeholders. If you have a question or concern about security practices and/or procedures, please send an email to our Safety and Security Manager, Chrissy Simpkins.

Safety and Security Measures

The Avon Grove School District is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students and staff. As a school district, the safety and welfare of our students and staff is our highest priority.

District administrators meet regularly with our local police departments to help ensure effective emergency operations planning for the safety of our students and staff. While nothing is ever fail-safe, we believe the following precautions work to provide a safe environment for our students:

  • All building doors are locked during the school day.
  • As visitors approach the main entrance and are greeted using the intercom, visitors may be permitted to enter the building's secure vestibule area (where applicable) after identifying themselves and their purpose to the office personnel. While this may at times seem like an inconvenience, it is essential that we know every person who enters our schools' doors.
  • All staff members are required to wear identification badges to ensure that they are easily identifiable. Visitors must also sign in at the office and wear a visitor's identification badge.
  • District and building administrators are visible in schools and at extracurricular events.
  • Students and staff practice safety drills throughout the school year to ensure students and staff are prepared to respond during an emergency.
  • We ask staff to be vigilant in monitoring guests as they walk the halls of our buildings; staff are instructed that in the event they observe someone without a District-authorized identification, they are to question the individual’s presence and escort them back to the office.

Safety and Security Responsibilities

Staff members follow safety and security protocols, model safety and security behaviors, reinforce behavior expectations and provide behavior interventions. Staff members also plan and conduct emergency drills, participate in safety committees, and collaborate with District personnel and community members to provide safe and secure learning environments. Staff members also know how to identify potential safety and security threats and immediately report such concerns to school administration.

Students play a critical role in maintaining safe and secure schools. Students should follow all directions during emergency drills. Students should be willing to talk with parents, teachers, school counselors, school administrators and police when they have concerns about their own safety or the safety of others. Students should also practice positive interpersonal relationship skills to help sustain a safe and secure learning environment and to promote social competence.

Parents should be knowledgeable about safety and security procedures at their student's school. Parents should reinforce and support school behavior expectations and should participate in safety and security discussions at meetings. Parents should be able to identify potential threats to the safety and security of their student(s) and report concerns to school administration and/or police without delay.

Community members, including members of law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, work to collaborate with school officials to develop emergency response protocols.

Safety and Security Resources

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