Pupil Services

“Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child.” – Curt Seaburg

The goal of the Avon Grove Department of Pupil Services is to prepare our students for the road ahead. As opposed to knocking down every obstacle our kids face, we strive to prepare our students with the tools, compensation strategies, social, emotional, behavioral and academic aptitude to ensure success on the road of life. Our mission statement calls for all students to be exceptionally well prepared to succeed and lead full and meaningful lives. It is not uncommon for students to require additional supportive services on the road to success.

The Avon Grove Pupil Services Department is dedicated to supporting all of our learners in their personal area of need through our diverse assembly of specialized staff members. School Nurses, Psychologist, School Counselors, Case-managers, Teachers, Social Workers and Administrators all work collaboratively to support our students in achieving success.

The following are divisions of the Department:


Special Education

Special Education: Guided by PA Chapter 14, students who have qualified for special education, through an Evaluation Report, are supported via specially designed instruction, accommodations and goals which help students develop the needed skills to achieve success. Administrative oversight: Cale Hilbolt, Supervisor of Special Education.

  • School Psychologists: Our five School Psychologists are PA certified professionals who complete evaluations to qualify students for gifted, Special Education or 504 plans. Our School Psychologists also consult with building administration and school based teams in programming for challenging students.
  • Related Services: Related Services are those services which are related to a disability or need. The most prevalent related services are Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy but can include a variety of other services.
  • Parent Engagement Nights: Avon Grove School District and the Department of Pupil Services recognizes and values our partnership with our stakeholders, especially the families of our students.  In an effort to work together as a team we will be hosting a monthly Special Education Parent Engagement night.

School Counseling

School Counseling: AGSD has fourteen School Counselors assigned to our District buildings. The needs of students and consequently the roles of our Counselors are different at each developmental level. As a practice we attempt to keep our students assigned to the same Counselor for the duration of their time at a specific school.

  • Section 504: Guided by PA Chapter 15, one of the main responsibilities of our School Counselors is case-managing our Section 504 Plans. 504 Plans provide supports to students with qualifying medical conditions and school based needs.

School Health/Nursing

School Health: Our School Health division includes our seven School Nurses but also includes our Dental Hygienist and health room aides. AGSD School Nurses are assigned to specific buildings and manage all forms of health related concerns including PA immunization compliance.

Gifted Education

Gifted Education: Guided by PA Chapter 16, students who have qualified for gifted education through a Gifted Written Report, are given extension and acceleration activities as outlined in their Gifted Individual Education Plan. Gifted Services are available for qualified students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Gifted Taskforce Information Click Here

School Social Work/Truancy

School Social Work/ Truancy: The position of School Social Worker is a varied and diverse role at AGSD. Our School Social Worker is part of the team that ensures the safety and well being of our student population. As a part of this role our School Social Worker also oversees our truancy prevention efforts. Additionally, this position assists in working with some of our struggling student population through group sessions and individual sessions.

Homeless Education/Support

Homeless Student Education: Students experiencing homelessness have specific rights and Districts have specific responsibilities. Please see this page for additional information.

Home Education

Home Education: Information on Home Education and links to resources are available on our Home Education section of the website.

Parent Speaker Series

Parent Speaker Series: Each year AGSD host a free monthly speaker geared toward wellness.  More information is available at the Speaker Series link.



School Safety & Security

Safety & Security: The safety of AGSD students, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance. The District has worked extensively with teachers, administration and the PA State Police to develop high quality safety and security plans, procedures and training. At this section of the AGSD website you will find information about some of the safeguards in AGSD.


Information on Registration can be found here- Registration.

Visit the Parent Speaker Series page

MTSS Behavior referral form for staff

MTSS Behavior referral form for parents


Pupil Services Administration

District Office
375 S. Jennersville Road,
West Grove, PA 19390

Twitter: @AGSD_PupilServ

Director of Pupil Services
Dr. Jeremy W. Curtis

Supervisor of Special Education
Cale Hilbolt

School Psychologists
Carla Giovenetti
Sarah Goe
Kristine Kristman-Jarrett
Valerie Piskorski
Dr. Nicole Robinson

Penn London Elementary Counselors
Margaret Bodine
Alexandra Stefano

Avon Grove Intermediate Counselors
Kristy Brown
Jennifer Martelli
Jessica Payne
Lori Travers

Fred S. Engle Middle School Counselors
Kristi Milburn
Tim Parkinson

Avon Grove High School Counselors
CJ Hoffman
Jen Lubins
Elaine Markowitz
Scott Searfoss
Danielle Yucis

Danielle Litterelle

Christine Arbucias

Penn London Elementary Nurses
Helen Arrell
Gail Berardi

Avon Grove Intermediate Nurses
Ellen Stefanosky
Erin George

Fred S. Engle Middle School Nurses

Karen Flad

Avon Grove High School Nurses
AnnaMarie Bahls
Colleen Munger

School Social Worker/ Truancy
Stephanie Witt

PLE- Laura Garvin
AGIS- Helen Lienhauser
AGHS- Shannon Dennis