If you have questions, check our Transportation FAQ or email In the event of an emergency, you may contact the bus contractors

Krapf's 610.255.4843
DuVall's 610.869.2881

The Avon Grove School District has elected to use two independent school bus contractors for its comprehensive network of pupil transportation services: DuVall Bus Service, LLC of West Grove and Krapf School Bus Company of New London.

Avon Grove School District uses a computerized routing software package and generates routes with the input of the contractors. The contractors work directly with District Transportation personnel in carrying out the day-to-day operation of transporting students to and from school.

The contractors are responsible for the safety of the buses and the proper qualification of all drivers. The contractors must also make sure that sufficient buses and drivers are available at all times to complete each scheduled route.

All buses operated for the District are equipped with two-way radios that allow communication between drivers, contractors and District Office regarding road conditions, accidents, detours and other issues.

School buses may be equipped with camera and audio monitoring systems. This enhancement will provide an extension of security and safety for our students. Signs notifying students that audio and video recordings are occurring have been posted on each bus. The following protocol is in place to accommodate the need to view footage from the cameras.

  • Principal contacts Transportation (if a parent is making the request, parent contacts principal)
  • Transportation Coordinator requests footage from bus contractor
  • Principal views footage at District Office