Tax Payment Info

All original tax bills are mailed to the last known post office address of each taxpayer as provided by the Chester County Assessment Office. If your mortgage company is paying your taxes from an escrow account, please make a copy of the bill for your records and forward the entire original bill to your mortgage company.

When making payment, write the bill number on your check or money order and include the appropriate bill stub. If you want a receipt, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment and your entire tax bill. There is a $25 return check fee.

Payments must be postmarked or processed by the bank by the due date. Postage meter stamps are not accepted unless canceled by the US Postal Service. Incorrect payment amounts, partial payments, incomplete checks, or postdated checks will not be accepted. The bank will not process checks when the amount written in words on the legal line is incorrect.

No payments of 2017-18 annual bills will be accepted after January 2, 2018. All unpaid taxes will be turned over to the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau (610.344.6360). Unpaid taxes will be subject to penalty, interest, and filing fees.

To Pay by Mail

Mail check or money order and bill stub to:
Avon Grove School District
PO Box 37838
Baltimore, MD 21297-7838

To Pay in Person

Check or money order payments are accepted at any Pennsylvania branch of BB&T Bank. Bring the entire bill with you when making payment. Payments will not be accepted at any school district building.

To Pay Online

Property owners now have the option to pay annual and interim real estate taxes online via the Official Payments, Inc. website with an e-check or a credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover). American Express is not accepted. At this time, interim bills cannot be paid online. Full payments must be made. No installment payments will be accepted online.

Official Payments, Inc. will charge a convenience fee for this service. Avon Grove School District does not receive any part of the convenience fee. If paying by e-check, the convenience fee is a flat $1.50 per transaction. If paying by credit/debit card, the convenience fee is 2.65% of the total payment with a minimum fee of $3.95.

Property owners are not required to pay real estate taxes online and still have the option to mail payments to PO Box 37838, Baltimore, MD 21297-7838 or take them to any Pennsylvania branch of BB&T Bank. No payments are accepted at any school district building. The credit/debit card and e-check options are only available online at Official Payments, Inc.

You will need to know the tax bill number for the school tax bill you wish to pay. This number can be found on the top line of your bill.

1. Visit this link to pay an annual tax bill online and this link to pay an interim tax bill online.
2. Enter a real estate tax bill number. Click “Continue”.
3. Select a payment option. Click “Continue”.
4. Read the Terms & Conditions. Click “Accept”.
5. Enter the Payer Information, the Payment Option, and the Payment Information. Any line with a red asterisk (*) must be completed. Click “Continue”.
6. Verify the Payment Information. Click the “Submit” button.

You can print a confirmation sheet from the next screen. You will also receive a payment receipt via email containing your confirmation number. Please reference this number on all payment correspondence.

To Pay Overnight, via UPS, FedEx, or DHL

Mail check or money order and bill stub to:
Avon Grove School District
Attn: Tax Office
375 South Jennersville Road
West Grove, PA 19390


Annual Real Estate Tax Due Dates

The taxpayer has the option to pay the taxes due as a single payment or in three installments by the following due dates:

Discount Amount (face minus 2%) on or before August 31

Face Amount on or before October 31

Penalty Amount (face plus 10%) after October 31

An installment payment option is available for all properties. Installments are divided into three equal payments based on the face amount due. Discounts are not allowed on installment payments.

1st installment on or before August 31

2nd installment on or before October 2

3rd installment on or before October 31

If the 1st installment is not received by the due date of August 31, you will not be eligible for the installment option and must use the single payment option. A 10% penalty will be charged on late payment of the 2nd and 3rd installments. Installment payments must be made in order. That is, the 2nd installment will not be accepted unless the 1st has been paid, and the 3rd installment will not be accepted until the 1st and 2nd have been paid.