May I pay my property tax bill online?
Yes. Keystone’s e-Pay is the easy, fast and secure to pay your real estate taxes. Go to Keystone’s website  Enter your invoice number, choose whether to pay in full or by installment and supply your payment information. You will automatically receive an online receipt in your email inbox once your payment is processed.

May I pay online using a credit card?
Yes. Keystone’s e-Pay permits you to make a credit card payment online. Simply choose credit card from the drop-down menu on the payment screen. Note: First National Corp. imposes a 2.5% credit-card convenience fee on each transaction. If you pay online using your bank account, there is no fee. You may also make a credit card payment by calling Keystone’s Taxpayer Services Department at 1-866-539-1100, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Is a discount available if I pay in full?
Yes. You receive a 2% discount if you pay in full on or before August 31.

Is there a reason no discount is available if I choose to make installment payments?
Yes. The installment payment option offers you the opportunity to make regular bi- monthly tax payments at the face value of the tax with no carrying charges or penalties, so long as each installment payment is received by the due date printed on the bill. By state law, the discount is available only for payment-in-full by the discount-period due date.

Is there an easy way to get a receipt for my payment?
Yes. If you pay online using Keystone’s e-Pay, you automatically receive an online receipt as soon as your payment is processed.

I lost my receipt and want to apply for the state rent rebate program. May I get a duplicate receipt?
Yes. You may also request a receipt online. Go to Be sure to have the invoice number from the original bill and a valid email address.

You may request a receipt by mail. Include in your request: the name on the bill, the property address, a billing address (if different from the property address), and a daytime phone number. A $5 processing fee applies. Enclose a $5 check or money order.

Send request to:
Real Estate Receipt – Duplicate
Keystone Collections Group
PO Box 505
Irwin PA 15642

For additional assistance, contact Keystone’s Taxpayer Services Department at 1-866- 539-1100 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Is there a way to pay in person?
OFFICE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  All other avenues of normal taxpayer communication remain open, including online, via telephone and by mail.

If you have questions or need local tax assistance, please feel free to contact Keystone via email through the Contact Us page.

Para recibir asistencia en español, por favor llame 1-724-978-2866

Is there any point when I may not pay by personal check?
Yes. After December 15 of the current tax year, only certified funds are accepted – either cash, a money order, or a cashier’s check.

My mortgage company pays my real estate tax out of an escrow account. Will I receive a bill?
Yes. State law requires the Tax Officer to mail real estate tax bills directly to the property owner. If your mortgage company pays your real estate tax from an escrow account, you must forward the bill to your mortgage company immediately upon receipt to ensure timely payment of your real estate tax bill.