Fees for Services

The Avon Grove School District has recently contracted with Keystone Collections Group for the billing and collection of real estate taxes. Keystone Collections Group will also begin accepting tax certification request forms.

Therefore, effective July 1, 2018, please mail all tax certification requests to:

Keystone Collections Group
Tax Certification Department
Attn: Robin
PO Box 514
Irwin, PA 15642

Or: The Keystone Collections Group now offers a standardized Tax/Fee Certification form online. This form is designed to speed the process to certify property taxes, found here.

Please provide the parcel number, parcel owner’s name, parcel address, and contact information of the requesting party (name, address, phone, and fax number).

Payment must be submitted when the request is made or prior to release.


$15.00 to mail

$20.00 to fax or email

The Tax Certification Department at Keystones Collection Group can be reached at:

(724) 978-0300 x 1305.