Wellness @ AGSD

Wellness is defined as an individual's lifelong active process of making choices to become physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially healthy.  Wellness and health are incredibly important in living a long, happy, and successful life. 

At Avon Grove School District we strive to support the wellness of our students, staff, and community.  The AGSD Wellness Task Force is committed to this focus and contributes by offering resources and speakers to our community.  

Below are the vision and mission of the AGSD Wellness Task Force:

Vision- To achieve wellness in the Avon Grove community.

Mission- The mission of the AGSD Wellness Task Force is to provide opportunities and resources to support an individual’s pursuit of physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, environmental, spiritual, occupational and social well-being.

The AGSD Wellness Task Force believes there are seven pillars of wellness; Emotional Health, Environmental Health, Mental and Intellectual Health, Occupational Health, Physical Health, Social Health, and Spiritual Health.

One way we promote wellness is by providing speakers during six months of the school year.  Please visit our Parent Speaker Series page for more information.