Related Services

Related services are provided to students after completion of a formal evaluation process and are identified in their IEP or 504 Plan. Speech and language services are only offered through an IEP and are provided by school district personnel. Occupational and Physical therapy is provided to eligible students in the district through Austill's Rehabilitative Services. Other services, such as vision support, hearing support, or orientation and mobility, are provided on site by staff contracted through the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

The Speech/Language Support Program, within the Avon Grove School District, provides specially designed instruction, in group or individual sessions, for those students who exhibit specific speech or language disorders. Such disorders may include articulation errors, receptive/expressive language difficulties, and fluency or voice issues.

Speech and Language Pathologists

Diane Bradley

Meredith Henry

Susan Stehle

Amy Castaldi

Meredith Bac