Special Education

Success, much like special education programming, is a highly individualized concept. The Avon Grove School District Division of Special Education is committed to helping our students achieve success based on the individualized markers of their accomplishment. We are dedicated to meeting our students’ needs in all aspects of their disability while making every possible effort to educate the students within their community/ neighborhood schools. Below is a brief summary of the process.

When the presence of a disability is suspected, a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation is conducted to determine the nature and degree of the student’s needs.

The IEP team, including family members and school personnel develops an Individualized Educational Program (IEP). The IEP, written annually, describes academic and/or social goals for the student. Special techniques, materials and equipment needed to achieve these goals are identified.

A special education teacher is assigned to implement the IEP in conjunction with the regular classroom teacher(s). Progress toward each IEP goal is monitored frequently and reported to families on a quarterly basis in our secondary schools and trimesters in our elementary schools.

Special education supports and services are provided within the regular education setting, to the maximum extent appropriate. Examples of these supports and services, when appropriate, include instructional and curricular adaptations, alternative assessment, course modifications, co-teaching with regular and special education teachers and inclusionary aides.

Additional services such as speech/ language therapy, occupational therapy, and/or physical therapy may be provided as related services.

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