School Counseling

The Avon Grove School Counseling Program is a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate support system across all grade levels, and is aligned to the American School Counselor Association’s National Model for School Counseling Programs. School counselors provide programming and support in three domains: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Counseling. School counselors utilize a delivery system that includes Curriculum, Prevention/Responsive, Individual and System Support. The School Counseling Program serves the Avon Grove community, which includes representatives from local agencies and businesses as well as student, families, faculty and administrators.

The Avon Grove School Counseling Program is also guided by the District’s PA 339 Plan.

School Counseling Links:

Avon Grove 339 Plan - 2023-2026

American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

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School Counselors

Penn London Elementary
  Kristin Glass
  Alexa Reif

Avon Grove Intermediate

Avon Grove Middle School

Kristi Milburn                 LisaMarie Czaplicki
Samuel Phelps

Avon Grove High School

CJ Hoffman
Jen Lubins
Elaine Markowitz
Scott Searfoss
Colleen Demers
Sarah Rodgers
Anna (Kate) Garrison