Gifted Taskforce

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Avon Grove School District will embark on a comprehensive audit to evaluate the Avon Grove School District programming for our gifted students.  The intent of this program audit is to identify the supports currently in place, review and align our supports to recognized best practices, and to determine the actions needed to continue to strengthen our program.

The audit will be completed in conjunction with two consultants, Mr. Jim LoGiudice and Ms. Cheryl Everett.  Mr. LoGiudice has been involved in gifted education for over thirty years as a teacher, Bucks County Intermediate Unit Supervisor of Gifted Programs, past PAGE President, and consultant to school districts.  Ms. Everett has worked in the field of gifted education for forty years as a teacher, Adjunct Professor, and Chester County Intermediate Unit consultant to school districts.  She is presently an instructor for the PAIU gifted endorsement program. During the school year, Mr. LoGiudice and Ms. Everett will work with district administration and staff to guide this process.

Guiding Questions and Probes

1.       To what extent are screening, assessment, identification and placement procedures for the gifted appropriate and aligned to current research and best practice?

  • Are we using the most effective tools for our district population (minority students, ESL students, male vs. female, etc) for screening and assessing?
  • Are staff and parents aware of the district’s gifted screening and identification procedures?
  • To what extent are screening and/or identification consistently implemented throughout K-12?
  • Are multiple intelligences/ multiple criteria being used?  Is this consistent across K-12?

2.       To what extent does the design and delivery of the district’s programming for the gifted meet the identified and assessed needs of each student?

  • To what extent does the staff, staffing patterns and resources meet the needs of the gifted learners?
  • To what extent are services for the gifted implemented in a consistent and articulated manner across buildings and grade levels?
  • To what extent are teachers supported in developing instructional strategies/ materials for teaching the gifted in a general education environment?
  • To what extent do the current student-to teacher ratio, and dedicated resources, meet the needs of the gifted learner?
  • What resources and/ or technology are available and used to fully support our gifted learners?

3.       To what extent does professional development provide staff with the appropriate training and practices to meet the learning needs of the gifted? 

  • Are new teachers oriented to the needs of gifted learners through induction?
  • Is there specific staff development for all staff (i.e. counselors, school psychologists, administrators, general education teachers, specials teachers, librarians, etc.) regarding the needs of gifted learners?
  • Are there opportunities for teachers/ staff to collaborate for the purpose of planning and implementing instructional strategies for the gifted?

4.       How do we promote effective communication about gifted education among stakeholders (i.e. teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community)? 

  • How do regular education teachers and teachers of the gifted communicate with each other regarding present education levels, GIEP’s, and progress monitoring?
  • What is the philosophy and vision of gifted education in our district?
  • How are district gifted identification and GIEP implementation procedures coordinated and communicated in a consistent manner to our district stakeholders from K-12?
  • What are the methods used to educate parents about gifted students and gifted programming?


Important Dates-

  • Stakeholder meeting- October 18th Stakeholders will frame the key questions/ concerns
  • Curriculum Committee Updates- October 17, November 28, January 16, February 20
  • Parent survey- data collected
  • Staff survey- data collected
  • Student feedback forums- happened December 6th
  • Parent Feedback Forums- Held December 6th
  • Stakeholder Prioritization Meeting- March 15th
  • Board Recommendations- March

Stakeholder Meeting Files:

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