Gifted Education

The Gifted Education Program is a state-mandated program, as directed by PA Chapter 16, for students who qualify for gifted services through a comprehensive evaluation process. Modifications as needed are made within the regular classrooms to challenge students in the areas of their academic strengths. In addition, enrichment activities are offered outside the regular classroom that encourage critical and creative thinking and provide opportunities to expanded skills of research and analysis. At the middle and high schools, enriched levels of subjects and accelerated courses are also offered.

Students may be referred for a Gifted evaluation by parents, classroom teachers, or other school personnel, through the guidance office. A screening will be completed for referred students using a standardized assessment that correlates with intelligence quotients.

Parents of students scoring a qualifying score are given Permission to Evaluate and parent input forms. Upon receiving a signed Permission to Evaluate, a school psychologist administers an individual IQ test and achievement tests, while the classroom teacher(s) completes an observational checklist. A multidisciplinary team to determine giftedness reviews the total results along with the parent input form. If the criteria for giftedness are met, parents are invited to a Gifted Individualized Education Program meeting to establish programming which meets that student’s individual needs.

Referrals for Gifted evaluation can be made at any time during the school year, but only one referral per child per calendar year is permitted. Any questions about the screening and identification process should be directed to the Sean Burns, Director of Pupil Services.

Gifted Program Audit-

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Avon Grove School District embarked on a comprehensive audit to evaluate the Avon Grove School District programming for our gifted students.  The intent of this program audit was to identify the supports currently in place, review and align our supports to recognized best practices, and to determine the actions needed to continue to strengthen our program.

The audit was completed in conjunction with two consultants, Mr. Jim LoGiudice and Ms. Cheryl Everett.  Mr. LoGiudice has been involved in gifted education for over thirty years as a teacher, Bucks County Intermediate Unit Supervisor of Gifted Programs, past PAGE President, and consultant to school districts.  Ms. Everett has worked in the field of gifted education for forty years as a teacher, Adjunct Professor, and Chester County Intermediate Unit consultant to school districts.  She is presently an instructor for the PAIU gifted endorsement program. During the school year, Mr. LoGiudice and Ms. Everett worked with district administration and staff to guide this process.

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Gifted Taskforce Audit

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