School Menus

2019-2020 Meal Prices

  Lunch Breakfast
Elementary $2.35 $1.25
Middle $2.45 $1.35
High $2.95 $1.35
Reduced $0.40 $0.30



Energize Your Day! 

Eat School Breakfast

Breakfast is available every morning!  

Banana Split Breakfast Yogurt Parfait served at AGIS! 

Need a Packed Lunch for a Field Trip?

Packed lunches are available for all students. Please complete the order form and return to the cafeteria manager at least one week in advance. Packed lunch cost is the same as the meal cost in the cafeteria.

Celebrating PLE Field Day with Lunch served on a Frisbee! 


 HS Menu

  FSEMS Menu  




K-6 students may only purchase a maximum of two a la carte food snacks and/or beverages daily.

* Please contact the Food Service Office with requests for additional restrictions.

Nutritional Data

NOTICE: The nutritional data provided should not be used for and does not provide menu planning for a child with a medical condition or food allergy. Ingredients and menu items are subject to change or substitution without notice. Please consult a medical professional for assistance in planning for or treating medical conditions. This information is provided for a better understanding of the nutritional content of the foods available.

Graduating seniors have three options regarding positive balances on their meal accounts; parents may request a balance transfer to a sibling, a refund may be requested or parents may donate the balance for the benefit of another student.

Please complete an option form and return or you may email our office directly to with your request.

Lastly, please be sure to turn off Auto Pay on

If you have any questions concerning your child's account, please feel free to contact the Food Service Office at 610-869-2441.

Barcode Scanners have been added to High School Cafeteria 

As students proceed to the cashier, they will scan their student identification badge to access their meal account.   At this point the process remains the same where the student may pay with cash or use funds in their prepaid account.

What is a Meal?

Beginning July 1, 2014 a student must select 3 of the 4 items offered at breakfast and one of those MUST be a serving of fruit to qualify for the breakfast MEAL price. Students with incomplete breakfast meals will be charged a la carte pricing for each item.

As in previous years, the student lunch MEAL consists of 5 components: Protein, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits and Milk. Using the offer vs. serve option, a student must select 3 of these 5 components and 1 of those components must be a 1/2 cup serving of fruit or vegetable to qualify for the meal price. Students with incomplete meals will be charged a la carte pricing for each item.
We encourage all students to choose all components for well balanced meals.
Before you double up on the entree, complete your meal with fruit and vegetables!