Meal Policy & POS Information

Unique Personal Identification Number (PIN)

All students have been assigned a unique personal identification number (PIN) to be used for each purchase in the cafeteria. All students will receive a small disposable card notifying them of their PIN number at the start of the school year. It is strongly recommended that students memorize his/her PIN. As students proceed to the cashier, they will enter their PIN into a keypad and either pay with cash or use funds in their prepaid account.

Accounts may be prepaid with cash or checks made payable to AGSD Food Service. Payments or deposits may be made to the cashier in the cafeteria. Online Payments may also be made using

This system provides complete confidentiality to all students as all students have a PIN number and use it in the same way.

Barcode Scanners have been added to High School Cafeteria 

As students proceed to the cashier, they will scan their student identification badge to access their meal account.   At this point the process remains the same where the student may pay with cash or use funds in their prepaid account.

School Meal Account and Charges

All students who request a school meal may receive a school meal regardless of cash on hand or account balance.  Students are permitted to charge one (1) complete student breakfast meal and one (1) complete student lunch meal daily.

Negative balance reminder letters will be sent to parents on a regular basis.  All debts must be paid before the end of the school year.

Schools may only prohibit charging when a written directive is received from a parent or guardian.

Parent Request for No Charge Form

A la carte, second meals and snack items may not be charged at any time.

Carry Over Balances

All positive balances at the end of the school year will carry over to the next school year, following the student to their new grade and homeroom assignment.

Negative balances must be cleared up before the end of the school year.  Notices will continue until the debt has been paid.

Graduating seniors have three (3) options regarding positive balances.  They may choose to receive a refund, transfer their balance to a sibling's account or donate the balance for the benefit of another student. 

Refund request form - English

Refund request form - Spanish