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Sports Boosters

Thank you for a great night at BINGO! 



Beef,Beer n' more Fundraiser

August 13, 2022 6:30p-10:30p

Mattress Fundraiser

October 8, 2022

Stay tuned for more info!

Instagram: @ag_reddevilfb



Car Wash

August 28, 2022 10a-1p



Designer Bag BINGO!

September 30, 2022

at the NEW AGHS cafeteria

fb event: here

Click Here to Order Tickets

Click Here to Order Tickets

Trunk or Treat

October 29, 2022

2nd annual Trunk or Treat at AGIS

fb event: here


Red Hot Cheerleading Competition

December 10, 2022

 come cheer at Avon Grove High School

contact for more information!

Click here for Sponsor Information!

Instagram: @avongrovecheer

keywords: cheer comp, cheerleading competition, Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, West Grove




Donkey Basketball Game

December 19, 2022

Stay tuned for more info!


2021- 2022 Monthly Meetings:

Sports Boosters meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday each month at 7:00 PM in the AGHS Cafeteria. 

2022 Dates/Minutes: 

Wednesday, September 14 
Wednesday, October 12
Wednesday, November 9
Wednesday, December 14

2023 Dates/Minutes: 

Wednesday, January 11
Wednesday, February 8
Wednesday, March 8
Wednesday, April 12
Wednesday, May 10
Wednesday, June 14

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2021-2022 Officers

Christina O'Connor
Vice President
Kyra Brown
Sommer Kelly
Treasurer (Payments)
Michele Serpico
Treasurer (Deposits)
Kimberly Neil
Stadium / Gym Signage
Cristen Lauzon


Contact Sports Boosters

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Adult Fundraising Addendum
AGHS Sports Boosters Fundraising Request Form
Deposit from Large Concession Stand Sales
Deposit from Small Concession Stand Sales
Deposit to AGHS Sports Boosters
50/50 Drawing Proceeds
Request for Concession Stand Use
Concession Stand Orders
Small Games of Chance
Volunteer Tag Sign-Out Sheet

*NEW* ELECTRONIC REIMBURSEMENT/PAYMENT REQUEST - Requests may take up to 2 weeks to be fully processed. Please plan accordingly.

                FORM INSTRUCTIONS:
  • Open this form using Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge for best results.
  • Click on the green text and replace the generic text with the Team/Request-specific information
    • Under the “Description” section, drag the text box so the “X” is over the appropriate description
  • Save the completed Request Form on your computer
    • Suggested file name Team Name – Request Date – Request Amount (eg Boys Golf – 02.10.22 – $200)
  • Email the completed Request Form and supporting documentation* to Treasurer Payments (
    • cc the person(s) named under the “Approvals” section of the form (Team Coordinator or Team Coach) on this Request Email,
    • and ask them to Reply to All to the Request Email to confirm their approval of the request
  • When the Approval Email is received by the Payments Treasurer, reimbursement/payment can be processed.
    • Payments Treasurer will Reply to All to confirm receipt of the Approval Email
      *Invoices, receipts, etc. must be submitted before reimbursement/payment can be processed.