Pre-Participation Requirements

PIAA Rules & Regulations

Each student-athlete must complete the PIAA COMPREHENSIVE INITIAL PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION online before participation in any practice or games for any interscholastic sport. 

Sections 1-5 And Acknowledgement Of Avon Grove Procedures:

  • Sections 1-5 of the PIAA CIPPE form will be completed online via  Image with link to online registration
    • Section 1 - Emergency contact information- including medical insurance information
    • Section 2 - Signed parent/guardian consent and parent signed PIAA Rules & Regulations
    • Section 3 - Understanding Risk of concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Section 4 - Understanding Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symptoms and Warning Signs
    • Section 5 - Health History (can be printed at Doctors request)
    • AGSD Impact testing Information/Permission Letter
    • AGSD Co-Curricular/Extracurricular Handbook Acknowledgement.
    • Section 6 of the PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation should be printed and completed by a physician on or after May 1, 2024 and shall be effective, regardless of when performed during a school year, until April 31st. Before completing any items in Formreleaf Section 6 will need to be scanned and uploaded to Formreleaf when you start your registration process.

For more detailed information regarding PIAA rules and regulations, refer to the PIAA Handbook, Section 1, Constitution & By-Laws, Article V and XVI under Resources on the PIAA Website

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