Tech Ed - STEM

Program Philosophy

Creating pathways for success in the Information Society places the focus on students as they learn about and through Technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programming. Advancements in technology and an ever evolving global economy forces both the curriculum and teachers to prepare students for careers that haven’t previously existed, as well as careers and trades that continue to be at foundation of life in the 21st century.

Elementary Program

Even Avon Grove’s youngest learners are Digital Natives. By exposing elementary students to various devices, applications and systems of operation it provides a basic, level skill set to build higher order skills as the programming escalates in the middle and high school.

Middle School Program

Exploration and inquiry are the hallmarks of the middle school program. Solving central problems through the application of engineering principles, measurement and design, manufacturing technologies, and programming via coding encompasses the programmatic scope as students progress towards the diverse elective offerings at the high school.

High School Program

The breadth and depth of the high school programming readys students for college, career and beyond. High school pathways include: construction and architecture, information technology (IT), manufacturing technologies, engineering and engineering technology, transportation, distribution and logistics, graphic and digital arts, programming and game design and TV/Live Stream media production.

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