Social Studies

Program Philosophy

The purpose of the Avon Grove Social Studies curriculum is to provide students with the understandings and critical thinking strategies needed to make informed decisions as responsible citizens of a diverse, interdependent world.

Elementary Overview

The purpose of Social Studies at the elementary level is to provide a framework for students to understand their place in the community, the state, the country, and the world. Students will learn basic concepts in civics, economics, geography, and history with a special focus on their local environment and the State of Pennsylvania.

Middle School Overview

At the middle school level, students will build upon the framework that was created in the primary grades. The experience will still cover civics, economic, geography, and history, but it will be in greater detail to help develop an understanding of the student's role in the world today.

High School Overview

At the high school, a curriculum is provided that gives students the opportunity to become informed and involved citizens. To that goal, students are required to successfully complete three Social Studies credits for graduation as follows: World History (or equivalent), United States History (or equivalent) and Government/Economics (or equivalent). In addition, the high school offers many elective courses which count as Humanities elective credits toward graduation.

In 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law Act 35 of 2018 which requires that all school entities administer a locally developed assessment of U.S. history, government, and civics at least once to students during grades 7-12, beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. AGSD has chosen to integrate the "Civics Knowledge Assessment" and its respective unit content into the US History course at the high school level. For additional information, please refer to the Avon Grove Act 35 Civics Knowledge Assessment Curriculum Connections document.

In 2021, 164 students were administered the Act 35 Assessment in 9th grade. According to the data, 143 students passed the assessment, with 0 receiving a perfect score.

Pennsylvania State Social Studies Standards

PA Core Standards

Civics and Government Standards

Economics Standards

Geography Standards

History Standards

Citizens are not born capable of ruling. They must be educated to rule wisely and fairly. They must be drawn out of the egotism of childhood and the privacy of their homes into the public world of democratic reasoning, deliberation and consensus. This requires not only civility, but knowledge and skill.

- Thomas Jefferson