Program Philosophy

The Avon Grove schools will educate, challenge and support all students to reach their maximum potential, earning the knowledge, critical thinking abilities and practical skills to become a scientifically literate citizen. An understanding of the scientific theory makes it possible for individuals to understand the natural world, appreciating its diversity, history, and beauty. The ability to solve problems using complex thought processes defined by the scientific method enables our students to use scientific principles and processes to make evidence-based decisions and take an educated stance on issues that not only explain observations, but affect society as a whole. A strong scientific background builds a value of lifelong learning while enhancing skills integral to being a valuable member of society, including creative problem solving, critical thinking, peer collaboration, and effective use of technology and resources.


In partnership with the community, the Avon Grove School District will provide students with the means to understand essential concepts of biological, chemical, physical and earth sciences. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the application of scientific processes, effective utilization of technology, and relate scientific understandings to authentic, real-world situations, as well as understand the relationship between humans and the environment.

PA State Standards

Primary Science
Elementary Science
Secondary Science
Ecology and Environmental Science





"Science literacy is the artery through which the solutions of tomorrow's problems flow."
- Neil deGrasse Tyson