Mission Statement

The Avon Grove School District Music Department develops and promotes knowledge, skills, and appreciation of music in an environment of musical excellence. Through active participation in a variety of musical experiences, students will become lifelong learners, listeners, performers, intelligent consumers, and advocates for the arts.

Music Department Goals
  • To acquire and apply musical knowledge as individuals and within a performing ensemble in accordance with the National Standards for Music Education.
  • To develop higher level thinking required for complex reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, and listening skills.
  • To promote and develop positive interactions such as teamwork, cooperation, leadership, acceptance of differences, discipline, and creativity.
  • To develop the personal growth of self-realization, aesthetic experience, emotional development, creative attitudes, physical and mental health, self-expression, self-esteem and personality development.
  • To facilitate and enhance student thinking in all other subjects while maintaining the integrity of music as its own subject.

Avon Grove High School

Avon Grove Middle School

Avon Grove Intermediate

Penn London Elementary



2023-2024 Officers

Valerie Weaver

Vice President
Wendy Feller

Tascha Peterman

Treasurer 1 (financial reports)
Matthew Miller

Treasurer 2 (all transactions)
Shailendra Pendse

Avon Grove Instrumental Music Boosters Association (AGIMBA)

Facebook: AvonGroveInstrumentalMusicBoosters