Learning Media Centers

Imagineer: "A person who devises and implements a new or highly imaginative concept or technology..." - Oxford Dictionary

The Learning Media Centers in the Avon Grove School District are locations where students and teachers do not just examine information and the thinking of others, but instead create new pathways based on their own creativity.

Students at Penn London Elementary have a curriculum that is part of the encore rotation, with a focus on accessibility and awareness of the resources within the Learning Media Center, and how they can be used safely. Students at Avon Grove Intermediate, Fred S. Engle Middle School and Avon Grove High School do not have a specific curriculum or allocated time for Learning Media Center usage, but instead access these locations through classroom experiences, clubs, or individualized learning experiences. In addition to facilitating learning within the specific location in each building, the LMC specialists also support teachers in their classrooms to incorporate project-based learning and STEM-related concepts.

The Learning Media Centers are specifically designed to encourage the collaboration and creativity of students, dispelling the traditional view of this space being quiet and print-material focused. Informally referred to as "maker-spaces," these areas provide students access to a variety of technologies, BYOD hubs, and video and graphic production stations for the use and benefit of students and adults.