Flexible Instructional Days (FID)

Penn London & Avon Grove Intermediate Schools

  • Students bring home Chromebooks to access the online, synchronous portions of their day. Students are permitted to use personal devices as well. 

  •  A flexible instructional day is to be treated like a regular school day in regards to attendance.  If your student is absent on a FID, please send in an absence note as usual.

  • At the K-5 elementary level, students will log onto Schoology at 8:40 AM and access Google Meet to start the day with their teacher for morning meeting.

  • After morning meeting, teachers will review learning activities for students to complete asynchronously during the day.  In the afternoon, teachers will be available via Google Meet for one hour to answer questions and support students as needed.  Teachers will communicate the times when they will be available in the afternoon.

  • Students should return Chromebooks to school on the next day of in person instruction.

  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher or building administrative team.

Avon Grove Middle School

  • Students are expected to log in to Google Meets for each scheduled class, at the scheduled class times.  All Google Meets links are visible in the Schoology course.

  • Daily attendance will be taken in Homeroom (7:30 AM-7:40 AM), and teachers will take period attendance throughout the day.  

  • Teachers will start each class period with live (synchronous) instruction, and will be available to answer any questions students might have. Our teachers have worked hard to develop activities that balance continued learning with flexibility for our students.

  • Contact teachers through Schoology messaging for assistance. 

Avon Grove High School

  • On a FID day (flexible instructional day), students are expected to log on to the Google Meets link at the start of each class (not study hall or IE) as noted in Schoology to have attendance taken and review the activities for the class.

  • Period 1 starts at 7:30 AM, Period 3 starts at 9:02 AM, Period 5 starts at 11:10 AM or 11:44 AM (based on your lunch), and Period 7 starts at 1:09 PM.  Note:  Please see your schedule in PowerSchool, if needed.

  • Teachers will be available for virtual help. Contact teachers through Schoology messaging for assistance.

  • A flexible instructional day is to be treated like a regular school day in regards to attendance. If your student is absent on a flexible instruction day, please send in an absence note as usual. 

Technology Support

  • Technology support during a flexible instructional day is available by submitting a ticket through the Web Help Desk link on our Students page.

  • For Google Meet links, login to Schoology or email the teacher. 

  • FID Preparation Videos: English - Spanish