Business and Computer Science

Business and Computer Science Program Philosophy

The business education and computer science department provides all students, regardless of background, education, or language, the avenue to express their thinking, hope fears, and joys in a unique and personalized way.  The department supports academic and personal growth by challenging our perceptions, fostering discussion and argument, and considering a variety of ideas and perspectives in our own decision-making.  Our goal is to prepare students to think creatively and work collaboratively with others, skills mandatory in a global, 21st century world economy.  The business education and computer science department is committed to providing an atmosphere where new ideas, experimentation, ad discovery encourage development of problem-solving skills.  

Business and Computer Science Program Beliefs

The Avon Grove School District Business, Computer, and Information Technology program within the Business Education and Computer Science Department believes that all students will have achieved individual success when they can...

  • Display the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in an ever-changing world.
  • Choose courses in preparation for a career in business in an area such as accounting, or take business courses for personal development.
  • Exemplify 21st century workplace skills in areas such as technology, communication, and collaboration.  
  • Engage in the learning process to solve problems utilizing programming skills and languages.  
  • Develop leadership potential and financial responsibility.  

Business and Computer Science Program Long Term Transfer Goals

Students will be able to...

  • Work effectively with, and learn from, others in a variety of situations, in school and beyond. 
  • Experiment with business tolls and computing techniques to develop professional and practical skills.
  • Effectively communicate for different purposes and varied audiences using appropriate media and applications in the business world.  
  • Use business and computer science principles to communicate personal, social, cultural, and political experiences and events through projects and programs.
  • Implement critical thinking, reasoning and ethical decision-making skills to allocate financial resources and computing skills for career, business and life.
  • Effectively employ communication, interpersonal and leadership skills in diverse personal and business and technology situations.
  • Analyze and synthesize current events and their impact on local and global business as well as our technological world. 
  • Interpret and apply business and computer processes to become fiscally and socially responsible citizens.  
  • Integrate technical knowledge, skills and understanding in a constantly evolving environment for professional/personal growth in a competitive society.