The Avon Grove School District Art Department provides students the environment in which they can express their creativity through a variety of media and techniques. Students participate in a performance-based curriculum that scaffolds through Penn London Elementary, Avon Grove Intermediate and Fred S. Engle Middle School in an exploratory structure. In each of these schools, students build upon previous experiences to enhance their design and production skills. Once a student enters Avon Grove High School, a variety of courses are available to be taken as electives, whether to prepare a student for further courses and exploration after graduation, or to follow interests and creativity in a variety of ways.


  • The arts provide all students, regardless of background, education, or language, the avenue to express their thinking, hopes, fears and joys in a unique and personalized way
  • The arts support academic and personal growth by challenging our perceptions, fostering discussion and argument, and considering a variety of ideas and perspectives in our own decision-making
  • The arts prepare students to think creatively and work collaboratively with others, skills mandatory in our global economy

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