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We’re excited about FDK preparations for the 2017-2018 school year. The current half-day kindergarten program is rapidly becoming an antiquated model that gives our youngest learners less than 3 hours a day to master critical literacy and math foundational concepts, as well as to learn social and emotional skills necessary to be successful in a classroom setting. More than three quarters of schools nationwide offer full day kindergarten programs, where students have the time to learn more thoroughly and deeply instead of rushing through key concepts. Not only is moving to a full day program the appropriate academic move for a district with high standards, but we anticipate the program will actually save the district money as more charter school students return to Avon Grove to take advantage of full day kindergarten.

FDK News

Our action team comprised of numerous staff members from different departments in our district meets regularly to confirm project plans. Programming and scheduling are mostly complete. Currently, we’re working on facilities and finalizing a communications plan. With facilities, the focus is on securing the necessary permissions and permits to move forward with installing modulars at Penn London Elementary School to accommodate some of the older students, as we will need additional space for full day kindergarten. Communication and planning are essential to the success of launching this program, so we’re in the process of scheduling information sessions for our community.

Program Goal

The Avon Grove School District will develop and implement a full day kindergarten program for all students in the district to provide a strong foundation in academic, social and emotional skills so that our students are exceptionally well prepared to succeed. By implementing a full day kindergarten program, we will increase learning opportunities for all incoming kindergarten students with the intent to attract students to AGSD by offering a high quality full day program.


  • Build early reading and writing skills
  • Develop an understanding of math concepts and problem-solving through hands-on activities
  • Experience expanded opportunities in science, social studies, art, music, library, PE, technology, and structured play
  • Develop effective school habits and social skills

How and when do I register my child?

Kindergarten registration began on Monday, February 27th. Registration is taking place at Penn London Elementary School with a scheduled appointment. As a part of the registration process, your child will complete a brief screening assessment. This will provide the school team with an overview of each child's basic skills.

Registration and screening appointments can be scheduled by contacting Mrs. Paxon at Penn London Elementary School (610-869-9803).

For information regarding what to bring click here.

For questions about the Full Day Kindergarten program, please contact the principal at Penn London Elementary, Dr. Cynthia Holland, at cholland@avongrove.org

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